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ABOUT YOU consist of 1500 brands, 300.00 online products, 7 million applications installs and more than 5 million active buyers per month who are looking for passion in clothes and products while they buy them from an online shopping brand.

ABOUT YOU is one such stop for men, women and kids where they can purchase fashionable clothes at affordable price rates. ABOUT YOU has always tried to be the first and prioritized online shopping brand for everyone who are looking for style and elegance.
ABOUT YOU will make you feel pride while you show yourself in front of the world. We know that fashion is one such aspect which brings out confidence in ones personality. When you stop at ABOUT YOU, you will find diversity in clothes and it will become easy for you to try out clothes that stand out in crowd.


1. Clothing

ABOUT YOU’S clothing includes excellent fabrics and textiles, it also consist of undergarments which are trendy. You can shop for men, women and kids from ABOUT YOU at affordable prices. Select your favorite piece of clothing and enhance your personality.


Shoes from ABOUT YOU will provide you comfort and also protect your feet. There is a variety of fashionable footwear present at ABOUT YOU. The design of each footwear is attractive and will add on to your personality. Choose from its huge range of shoes at affordable price rates.


Explore ABOUT YOU’S Home wear which are classy and trendy at the same time. Order it online at affordable rates, they come in both unique and customized form.


Welcome to ABOUT YOU Accessories section which is specially designed to enhance any outfit which might seem dull at first. Accessories define ones personal style and taste. All the accessories are available at low price rates and you can easily order it from this platform.


1. How can you make payments at ABOUT YOU?

At ABOUT YOU online payment is way to easy and can take place through various means which are easily accessible. You will never be asked to spend extra money on its product. The payment can take place by:
⦁ PayPal
⦁ Amazon Pay
⦁ Payment through invoice
⦁ CreditCard

2. How is ABOUT YOU different from other companies?

ABOUT YOU is different from other companies because the solo and main focus is concerned with content that is inspiring . Through ABOUT YOU we have created an online place on which customers enjoy to shop and can choose from variety of clothes. This is the first platform where people can indulge themselves in window shopping.

3. In Which countries ABOUT YOU is available?

ABOUT YOU is available in many countries such as, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These countries are much into online sale events. ABOUT YOU is all about characteristics and it is available in all such countries where character matters in terms of clothing and other Accessories.

4. What is the Vision of ABOUT YOU?

ABOUT YOU’s most important vision is that everybody should be comfortable in what they wear whether it is in-terms of fabrics, colors and overall personality. The brand is all about empowering people and enhancing their personalities. It is one brand that fully focuses on making people feel good about who they are.

5. Sale Items at ABOUT YOU

When you are looking to buy fashionable clothes mostly you will search for clothes that are being sold at reduced price then the original cost. Now your worry is our concern and ABOUT YOU will provide you dresses, shirts, jeans, tunics, blouses and more at affordable rates. ABOUT YOU always carry forward with deals that are customer friendly because at the end of the day all what matter is the happiness of our customers.

6. Is the shipping at ABOUT YOU free?

Yes, the shipping at ABOUT YOU is free and there is no minimum limit set to buy as well which is great aspect when you are looking for online purchases. You can take out time and look for all the deals and discounts available. Free shipping also saves your extra money which you might not be ready to pay.

7. Which brands are associated with ABOUT YOU?

1500 and more brands are associated with ABOUT YOU, out of which few main ones are: ONLY, VERO MODA, EDITED, LASCANA, MANGO, ADIDAS, PIECES, EDITED and more.
8. What does the Premium section consist of?
The Premium section of ABOUT YOU consist of clothing such as: ROPE, COATS, SHOES, BAGS, LINEN AND SWIMWEAR, JUMPSUITS, SKIRTS, SWEAT and more.
The top brands linked with the premium section is, Drykorn, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Hugo Boss and few more.

9. What type of looks you can create with ABOUT YOU brand?

There are many looks you can create with fashionable clothes bought from ABOUT YOU such as:
1. Sweet Summer Look
2. Black and White look
3. Leger all brown look
4. White dress look
5. Classy white look and many more


10. What is the Goal for ABOUT YOU in the upcoming years?

About YOU is always open to new ideas which they can transform into their clothing and design them in such a way which inspires and grab more eyeballs. For this purpose ABOUT YOU is working really hard because in the end for ABOUT YOU all that matter is the happiness of the buyers.

11. Can you find Sportswear at ABOUT YOU?

Sportswear nowadays at ABOUT YOU is not just functional but it is also very stylish. In today’s generation mostly people are looking for such sportswear which goes hand in hand with style and make them look chic. Athletes also prefer to wear beautiful sportswear. You will easily find good running shoes and sports bra at ABOUT YOU.

12. What is in store for women accessories?

A good collection of accessories can LIT up any outfit which seemed boring at first. You will find jewelry, sun glasses, hats and bag packs at ABOUT YOU.