So wird Ihr Garten zu einer eleganten Ruheoase

Besten Garten gestalten im

Growing herbs, vegetables and flowers in your own garden is a beautiful thing – but a garden can be so much more: an oasis of well-being against the stress of everyday life, a cozy place for unforgettable moments with your loved ones, a soothing sight of elegance and perfect for celebrations with family and friends. With our four tips you can transform your green space into a quiet place of relaxation, elegance and beauty.

The right furniture:

In a true recreational garden you can simply sit and enjoy the smell of roses. The right garden furniture – like this antique-style bronze  4-seater garden furniture – will immediately make your garden appear calmer and give it a classic, elegant flair. If you prefer something trendy, buy a modern set, but the delicate metal tables and chairs have their own special, timeless charm. For classic elegance, it’s best to choose garden furniture made of wrought iron, bronze or aluminum.

The right style: Maybe you would like to plant a tree or two so that you can read a good book in their shade or have a cozy picnic with the family? Planting trees also gives the garden a vertical dimension, which is particularly important for smaller gardens. Trees draw the eye upwards and make the garden appear larger. For a calming Zen-style garden, it is a good idea to grow different types of plants separately and symmetrically: all the herbs together under the kitchen window if it faces the garden . Plant the vegetables in compact beds or raised beds. An area with potted flowers makes the garden look inviting and cheerful. Ferns look great next to the seating area or right at the entrance, and a palm tree or two gives the garden a lush, tropical look.

Don’t forget the decor:

A babbling fountain adds a calming touch to the garden and also attracts birds and small animals. This is how your garden comes to life and you create your own personal piece of nature. Interesting garden art such as statues and antique lamps also look good.

The right fencing:

With a hedge, be it natural or artificial, your outdoor area becomes a green oasis. A wooden fence also adds a natural touch. In smaller rooms, it is best to choose a dark fence to create the impression of space.

With our tips and a little work, you can transform your garden into a paradise on earth – your personal dream garden!

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